By: Maria Lou Planto

At first glance one might tend to overlook the humble school cafeteria as a make-shift building for “tambayan”  because it is just made with light materials. Upon reflecting, I think most people would agree that the cafeteria is one of the most functional areas of the school.

 It was built 8 years ago as a place for the construction workers to hang out (tambayan) after a long tiring day. Later on, it was converted into a  “dining area” for students who live inside the campus. The said make-shift building currently called “cafeteria” is still operating and  serving the visitors if they come.

Finally,with the help of our sponsors and donors, the Concrete Cafeteria will soon rise this year. It will not only operate as a dining area but as well as a factory for soya and bread production. We can assure our dear customers that the cafeteria committees  provide improved service and food quality.