By Memosa Sarong

God has been there to amaze AANS with many blessings since the start of its operation. One of them is the Road Concreting Project. It started when the need arises because of the bumps and rugged roads that commuters are not comfortable anymore. Although the school does not have a budget to meet this need, God has so many ways to finance each project we have for His work in this Institution. All the funds were from the solicitations. God has given us the courage to tap all the people that are capable of sharing their blessings.

One unforgettable experience I had when working on this project was when I had an appointment with one of the biggest company in Negros Oriental, the General Manager of the PhilSouth. I was really intimidated, but God had given me the courage to pursue this project despite many discouragements and struggles. One of the quotes that I read was “Great achievements need great efforts”. This project is great, but our God is greater to supply our needs. The mayor of the municipality of Dauin was one of the people I contacted. On the day of my appointment, I did not expect to meet the Governor of our province. The governor gave us the authorization letter prepared by the Mayor of Dauin to accommodate us with the aggregate materials coming from the different quarries. Sixteen trucks were delivered with 20 cubic meters per truck. With the help of the NSM, the stakeholders, the principal, the treasurer, and all the members of the academy who helped with the solicitations, this road was made possible. The CPUC with the leadership of Pastor Agapito Catane, Jr. and Mr. Ginetho Suniega, contributed the most to funding Phase 2 of the project. Praise and Glory belong to our Almighty Father who is faithful and true to His promises, especially in Matthew 19:26 “With men, this is impossible, but with God all things are possible.” Indeed, nothing is impossible with our Lord. Let his name be magnified.