Private Education Assistance Committee (PEAC) is a committee that is responsible for providing assistance to different private institutions. The participating schools, on the other hand, need to comply with the requirements for they will be visited to check the school’s compliance. Speaking of which, last 2017, the school was visited for the first time by the certifiers. They went from one building to another to check the facilities and gathered all documents needed for them to assess. To make it short, the school passed and was certified by PEAC but on one note, they list down all the needed facilities to be improved. One of which was the Registrar’s Office because, since the start of the operation of the school, the registrar in-charge shares a roof with the cashier and the treasurer. To upgrade the said building/facility, the school council met and decided to build a separate office for the Registrar. They raised funds for the said project, and soon the Registrar’s office will rise by the grace of God. God is worthy to be praised!

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