It’s a great desire for parents to send their children to an institution that will serve as a haven of love and belongingness. No parent can afford to see their children grow up without the vital things in life, and yes, parents aspire to a prolific future for themselves. This means that children need to make the best of their education. But how can they make sure about this? With its seven-year existence, Adventist Academy of Negros Oriental-Siquijor Inc. (AANS) has been blessed so much by God. Along with these blessings is the rapid increase of the population of students enrolling in the institution. This is a manifestation that the AANS performs well in catering quality education and parallel to this fact is that the dedicated teachers also do their full blast in molding such students holistically. Teachers exhort to the reality that one of the building blocks for students to become successful is character. So while the teachers feed up the students’ minds, they also inspire their hearts. They are nurtured by the teachers with love and respect and in return, students recognize their worth and value. From Nursery up to Grade 12, students are always reminded that they are dearly beloved, and they are all precious children of the Almighty God. Indeed, AANS is where children feel their belongingness. No wonder why people and the surrounding community mark AANS a friendly institution, a child-friendly school.

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