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Matthew Bryce Galve
ABM Student
Student B
STEM Student
Student C
Grade 9
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AANS awaits the new School Year 2021 – 2022 with eagerness and excitement. To all our incoming new and returning students, we need to build a stronger Academy that will stand with Godly pride. Despite the turmoil and confusion globally, we will soar victorious with God’s leading. We have various programs this School Year designed that will not just address our stakeholders academic concerns but also social and spiritual concerns. On behalf of the Administration and the Board of Directors, we welcome you all to this coming new School Year with open arms and much welcome.

Jerome B. Jael

School Principal

The typical quest of classroom learners in life is “GROWTH” in the educational circumnavigating pursuit for a decent and a profit generating career.  Students commonly keep a vision conceptualized with aspiration in attaining goals through intentional fulfillment of school curriculum-based requirements. Because they certainly believe, to obtain success in every level of attainment requires serious commitment, study habit, usefulness of time, and consistency of purpose for excellence.  


However, Adventist Academy of Negros Oriental-Siquijor Incorporated offers the cream for growth not only a decent and a profit generating career but an education defines the core values of true learning for eternity.  “It has to do with the whole being, and with the whole period of existence possible to man. It prepares the student for the joy of service in this world and for the higher joy of wider service in the world to come” and this is harmoniously embodied in physical, mental, social and spiritual well-being of goal-oriented classroom learners.  


To all parents, continue your untiring support to the wholistic education of your children and we are honored to welcome them at the School Campus for the School Year 2021-2022.

Pastor Eliezer G. Patricio

President, Negros Oriental - siquijor, Inc.